Fusion Cuisine

A culinary experience that provides some cultures with a taste of home, fused with western flavours and cooking styles

Extensive Starter options including:

Chicken Avocado Volovants
Baked hollow case puff pastry with steamed chicken and fresh avocado.

Gol Gappa
Bite-size balls consisting of a hollow, crispy-fried puffed ball that is filled with potato, chickpeas, onions, spices, and flavoured water, usually tamarind & mint, and popped into one’s mouth whole

Lamb Bharrah Kabab
Marinated with the exotic mix of red spices, then flavoured and tenderised with yoghurt, garlic, ginger, and lemon juice and cooked in a tandoor oven to allow the lamb fat to render and give it smokiness.

Dil Bharwan tikki
Potato dumplings filled with spices, lentils, beetroot powder and sweet and sour green chilli chutney.

Over 100 curry mains
to choose from including:

  • Rogan josh is a lamb curry loaded with the bright red and very mild chilli powder of Kashmir where the dish originates.
  • Lamb pasanda is another curry that’s more about fragrance than heat.
  • Jalfrezi is a chunky curry that originated in the time of the Raj for cooking up leftovers with loads of sliced green chillies, capsicum, onions and spices.
  • Chicken korma is a rich, creamy and very gentle curry brought to India by Moghul invaders and dates back to the 16th century.
  • Dhansak is a simple goat or mutton curry from Mumbai’s Parsi community loaded with four different lentils.
  • Vindaloo is an enthusiastically hot curry made with garlic and red wine (or often these days, red wine vinegar)
  • Butter chicken aka murg makhani was invented by a bloke named Kundan Lal Gujral who needed a sauce to rescue precooked tandoori chicken that was drying out before it was ordered at his Peshawar restaurant!
  • Saag paneer is a vegetarian dish from North India that pairs mild fresh cheese with chopped buttery greens like spinach, mustard leaves or fenugreek leaves
  • Aloo gobi is a dry potato and cauliflower curry that comes from the borders of Nepal and Pakistan.
  • Sambar is the catch-all vegetable and lentil curry that’s soured with tamarind and yellow from turmeric.
  • Keralan fish curry, alongside its counterpart from Goa, is the most wonderful of fish curries.

Taken from My Favourite Indian Curries, written by Matt Preston for taste.com.au

Sweet plated desserts including :

Mango Pistachio Kulfi “Spire”
A refreshing blend of summer mangos blended over a rich layer of crunchy pistachio nut.

Port and Pear Panna Cotta
Cool and creamy, soft and silky, the pear panna cotta is wonderfully delicate, and the covering of port jelly is the perfect flavor accent, intensifying the refreshing dessert.

Cheese dumplings soaked in sweetened, thickened milk delicately flavoured with cardamom.

Toblerone Pyramid
The legendary triangular Swiss chocolate, hand crushed, and served perfectly over a rich layer of honey and almond ice cream.




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